3V Electronics Ltd. provides products and professional services for the electronics and other related industries.

Following the innovative effective solutions for SMT processes 3B Electronics is professional in the supply of materials, supplies, accessories and equipment for mounting and assembly of electronics.

Together with our suppliers and external partners pay special attention to feedback from customers to offer the best possible service and variety of products available.

Our team together with highly skilled technologists from manufacturers ensures our customers the best service, taking into account their specific requirements and needs.

Stable partnerships with leading manufacturers enable us to offer professional solutions for assembly of printed circuit boards and semiconductors.

One of our biggest advantages is the variety of products and services that we can offer. In case you can’t find something on our website, we will be happy to help you.

For our customers
During the last year, 3V expand its portfolio and provides to the electronics manufacturers in Bulgaria, products from consumables to machinery and technological solutions.
In cooperation with leading manufacturers and experts with years of experience, the customers of 3V Electronics can rely on professional technical solutions, expert advice on products and equipment.
For your convenience, we maintain products with the mass consumption in stock and standard lead time is 1-3 days. All other products can be delivered on request, using only one provider for all manufacturing points.

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