Advice and product selection, together with technologists of Henkel Electronic Materials find the best solution for your products and applications;

Test place: demonstration and analysis, the process of soldering in the production base of partners.

Processing and repair, processing and repair of electronic modules, replacement of components in the production base of partners.

Products of Henkel Electronic Materials:

Soldering Materials: Paste, Wire, Flux, Bar, Cleaner, de-Soldering Wick, Solder Mask, Flux-Pen;
Assembly Adhesives: SMD Adhesives, electrically conductive and non-conductive.;
Liquids: Conformal Coating, Potting, Encapsulants, Sealants, Underfills and low Pressure Molding;
Inks & Coatings: Electrically conductive and non-conductive.;
Thermally conductive Materials: Grease, Paste and Film; Die Attach Adhesives: Paste, Film and Wafer backside Coating Materials;
Molding Compounds: for Transfer Molding Process.),

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