Henkel Adhesive Electronic Materials define “3C Electronics” Ltd. as its distributor for Bulgaria. Henkel is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of specialized materials for assembling semiconductors, printed circuit boards and advanced solutions for soldering.

The wide range of products renowned brands Loctite, Ablestik, Hysol, Eccobond, Stycast, E & C (Acheson), Multicore, Technomelt (Macromelt) is used in many areas – automotive electronics, consumer and industrial electronics, electronics for defense and space research, photovoltaic (solar) electronics, LED lighting, medical electronics, radio frequency identification (RFID), wireless infrastructure for data (WDI).

3B Electronics will offer all products of Henkel Electronics Materials:

· Materials for soldering: solder pastes solder wire, solder, fluxes, cleaning chemicals;

· Accessories for welding: shields, masks for soldering, flux pens;

· Installation glues: adhesives for surface mounting, electrically conductive and insulating;

· Liquids (lacquers, resins, silicones) for: protective coatings, potting, encapsulation, sealing, underfills (for BGA and CSP) and low pressure molding;

· Ink & Coatings: conductive and insulating;

· Thermally Conductive Materials: grease, paste and films;

· Die Attach Adhesives: paste, movies, Wafer backside coatings;

· Molding Compounds: molding.

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