ASYS Group with an official partner in Bulgaria

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ASYS Group Company determines 3V Electronics as its official partner in Bulgaria.

The ASYS Group is a global technology company and leading supplier of equipment for the electronic, solar and life science industry.

The company develops and manufactures devices for the transport of PCBs and technological systems for marking, depaneling and testing and personalized customer solutions.

EKRA, part of the holding ASYS, specializes in high quality and high performance printing systems, and products and services related to this process. It provides its customers with fully automated embedded systems and flexible two-lane solutions for completion of individual production lines.

3V Electronics will offer the Bulgarian market all products from the following divisions: VEGO (conveyors, devices for feeding and removing the boards of automatic machines and lines); INSIGNUM (marking systems); DIVISIO (machines depanelizirane PCB); EKRA – Serio, Hycon (printers for applying solder paste and adhesive).

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